Pay benefits in vouchers that can't be used for alcohol

The benefits system is a valuable part of our social structure, but was origionally put in place to provide a safety net for people falling out of work.
There is now a large part of society existing on long term benefits as a lifestyle choice, and getting extra to help with children and housing, but this is given as money and often doesn't get to the children or the housing association.
I propose that a large proportion of benefits for those on them long term, should be given in vouchers that would be widely accepted, but could not be used for cigarettes or alcohol. Housing benefit should be paid staright to landlords or housing associations. A small amount of the benefits (10%) could be paid in cash, so as to allow people the option to drink or smoke, but not at the expense of feeding and clothing their children, or paying their rent.

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Leo Hawker

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Friday 23 March 2012

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