Pay your tax or lose some of your rights as a British Citizen (tax havens etc)

Tax avoidance using offshore havens, in particular by the richest in society, is an insult to everyone else. Millions of pounds in revenue are lost to this practice, and it shouldn't be tolerated. Parliament should discuss whether anyone who domiciles themselves abroad for tax purposes should have their British passport withdrawn, and lose any or all of the following:
* Pension rights under the state pension scheme.
* Any inheritance tax allowances as beneficiary or to your beneficiaries.
* The right to vote.
* Aid from British embassies abroad.
* The ability to hold office in UK government or other organisations requiring UK citizenship.
* The ability to donate to U.K. political parties or lobby groups.
This list could easily be added to, but the above is a good place to start.
You can't fully withdraw British citizenship - that would make people stateless. But if someone can't be bothered to pay their taxes, why should they have full benefit from UK citizenship?

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Mike Hutton

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Sunday 7 August 2011

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Wednesday 15 August 2012

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