Peadophile Prison Sentance

The prison sentences given to peadophiles needs to change. Why is it that they are receiving nearly the same sentence as others who have commited a robbery or burglary? The sentence of 5 1/2 years for raping or abusing a child is not good enough, if the peadophile is 'good' the sentence becomes less and they are out in maybe 2 1/2 - 3 years causing danger and harm to other children. Pedophilia a psychiatric disorder. These men/women will always pose as a threat to children. The sentence should be 30 years. They ruin lives. How is it fair that a child has to live with what has happened to them for the rest of their life, yet after the rediculous sentence has ended, the peadophile is free to continue doing as he or she pleases. IT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!

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Laura Mountain

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Sunday 23 September 2012

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