Pension Justice for Troops

On the 12 June 2012, the Ministry of Defence announced its second tranche of redundancies, retiring over three thousand service personnel. Of this figure, a number of soldiers and officers selected were within twelve months of their initial pension point, thus not qualifying for an immediate pension. These redundancies do not honour the original contract or covenant between soldier and the MoD, particularly in light of the sacrifices they have made and risks they have taken.

These men and women have all faithfully served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and repeatedly risked their lives on different tours of duty.

We believe the policy to retire individuals before pension age is reprehensible. We call on the government to urgently review these cases to ensure natural justice and to provide the opportunity for all affected personnel to serve the extra year, or less, to reach their immediate pension point as set out in their original contracts of employment.

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Jayne Bullock

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Sunday 24 June 2012

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