People off benefits and back to work!

It's about time this benefit culture is cut. People who are able to work should be working. I want benefits to be stopped after 1 year from the first claim a person has made. Young adults should either be in education, work or work based learning. Young Parents should be back to work when their child is at school age. There should be more support for people wanting to return to work and work based learning. Funding for college courses and apprenticeships should be available not matter what your age. It's about time the people working and getting off benefits are rewarded and the people refusing to do anything are penalised. No extra money should be given to people blatantly using the system by having more and more children to evade the minimum child's age rule. And alcoholics and drug addicts should be helped through rehab not extra benefits. If you don't want help then no money! There needs to be a total shake up of the system.

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Stephanie croome

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Saturday 6 August 2011

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