People who get convicted of none serious crimes should be made to choose between 2 years in prison or 1 year in the Armed Forces.

People who get convicted of none serious crimes like fighting, burglary, car theft, robbery, drug possetion alcohol related trouble and so on should be made to make a choice in court;

1) Go to jail for 2 years with no chance of parole.


2) join the Armed Forces for a minimum of 1 year, were they will be taught new skills, earn a salary, gain respect for authority and will look alot better for potential employers than jail.

The USA already do this and it works. This isn't quite national service but will help reform persistent offenders.

It will also stop prisoners being a drain on society in prison costing thousands of pounds each year to keep them there.

It will also free up prison places for people who deserve to be there for more serious crimes like GBH, murder, rape, child molesting and so on.

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Lee Parnell

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Wednesday 17 August 2011

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Saturday 18 August 2012

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