Permit the people of England & Wales a referendum on the right to assisted dying

Today (11th September, 2015) in a free vote in the Commons, 330 MPs rejected plans for a right to die in England and Wales. Only 118 MPs were in favour.

This does not reflect public opinion, which various polls have demonstrated supports and desires the right to assisted dying.

MPs do not have the right to force life on the individual. Those who wish to die are forced to end their lives earlier than they might do (if at all) by travelling to organisations like Dignitas (as was the case for Jeffrey Spector) or condemned to locked-in syndrome (Tony Nicklinson) or simply to die in a protracted and agonising manner.

Any one of the above can be you. Don’t wait until it is. Time to take the decision out of hands and consciences of MPs. Let us live with it, or opt not to!

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Tuesday 15 September 2015

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