Personal sanctions against the corrupt regime in Ukraine in light of recent escalation of violance

In light of the widespread violation of human rights, escalation of violence and bloodshed by the ruling regime in Ukraine personal sanctions are needed. However the EU as a complex organisation will take a long time to arrive at a consensus. That would be too late for Ukraine.
However, individual member states such as the UK can take much quicker actions on their own.
I urge for the practical steps to be taken by the UK against individuals linked to regime:

- revoke their access to free diplomatic travel across the EU, especially to the UK
- freeze their assets and banking accounts in the UK
- encourage fellow EU members to do the same

There are very well known Ukrainian oligarchs - allies the regime - who various concerns in the UK. These individuals and their families have amassed their wealth from corrupt and criminal activities allowed under Yanukovych. Imposing restrictions on them will have an immediate and direct impact on weakening the position of the regime.

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Tetyana Shevchuk

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Saturday 25 January 2014

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