Petition for Direct Democracy : A binding referendum on important issues, if the public wants it.

The UK Government’s e-petitions service has given people a voice in politics, however, once a petition has reached 100,000 signatures, if it is not convenient the Government can simply ignore the demands of that petition. I am calling for binding national and local referendums to be called, if they get signatures from 5% of the electorate. These referendums would circumvent the elected representatives and give power back to the people to make decisions.

The 5% threshold ensures that for a national referendum the signatures of over two million people would be required, meaning that it is highly unlikely that a national referendum would be called, unless the issue was very important. However, this new system, if put in place, could lead to local referendums on important issues like housing or council tax. This initiative would move power away from Westminster and council offices and back to the people on the street.

This petition is about giving people their democracy back.

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Created By

Guy Benson

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Saturday 5 May 2012

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Wednesday 8 May 2013

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