Petition to spend the HS2 £50 billion budget on developing more affordable UK energy and affordable housing instead of 32min faster journey time

I would like the Government to use the £50 billion HS2 budget to instead help solve the massive increase in UK energy costs and the lack of affordable housing.

£50 billion would allow the design, construction and operation of new power plants using either Nuclear or clean(ish) Gas.

£50 billion could go some way to developing Fusion and providing unlimited clean energy for the country - (we already have JET in Oxfordshire as a test bed reactor).

£50 billion could help develop Shale Gas/Oil production which could provide a similar fuel boom like the US has had in recent years.

£50 billion could build an astonishing amount of new affordable homes and stabilise the housing market.

£50 billion could fill in a huge amount of pot holes!

OR it could be used to do some of all of the above. Surely any one of these things developed or improved with the money available beats getting to Birmingham and back 32 minutes faster.

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Created By

Matt Bridgeworth

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Thursday 14 November 2013

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Saturday 15 February 2014

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