Phillip Miller to compete Olympia International Horse Show 2013

Phillip Miller is one of GB's most successful show jumpers, he rides for one of GB's most consistent horse producers, Greenacres Stud. Phillip began in their riding school at the age of 7 & has remained loyal to them working 15 hours a day, he is now 37. His employers have produced horses that have represented GB & bred the only British horse ever to compete in a World Cup Final. Phillip won the Hickstead Derby 2013, his horse Caritiar Z is presently ranked 11th in the country (riders/horses in front of him count their foreign winnings as British ranking points) this gives the affluent an unfair advantage over poorer riders/horses. We want to see Phillip rightfully representing GB this Christmas at The International London Horse Show on his British owned & bred horse. It is time that GB Sport got behind an honest, popular, skilled national equestrian. The British paying public wants to see Phillip Miller and Caritiar Z at Olympia! Horse producers/breeders require representation

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Wednesday 20 November 2013

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