Photocard renewal fee

The photocard expires every 10 years and incurs a £20 fee to update the picture on there. Why should we have to pay for this when it is something that is being forced upon us.
I believe that the government should abolish the fee or abolish the expiry date on the licenses.
There is already enough taxes on drivers:
Fuel duty AND VAT on Petrol, Road tax.

Drivering is the most expensive neccassity of the day without the need for £20 every 10 years, the average driver is going to spend another £100 in their life time driving on top of the £50 that is already spent for the provisional.

Average cost:
£50 - Provisional
£100 - 20-70 renewal
£31 - Theory test
£61 - Practical test
Life cost: £242 before the other regular costs like petrol, insurance etc!

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Ben Burt

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Saturday 12 January 2013

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