Police Firearms Numbers

Why did the entire police forces across the UK admit to the World Small Arms survey to having 273,000 firearms as Police Issue when there are less than 7000 Firearms officers? that's enough firearms to arm every officer three times over

What is the Composition of said firearms? i.e how many Glock 17's, MP5SF's, G36 Assault Rifles, G3 Battle Rifles, HK 416 AND 417 Rifles, P-90 SMGs, Steyr AUGs etc do they have?

Is Policing by consent about to be made void?

The People deserve an answer to this otherwise it would be quite safe to assume a plan for Martial Law as that is a very logical reason behind militarising the Police.

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Samuel Noyes

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Monday 3 November 2014

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Monday 30 March 2015

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