Police Simple Cautions - No Right Of Appeal

Currently UK police forces can issue a "simple caution" which forms a significant part of an individual's criminal record, and can have a huge effect on employment and travel prospects. Unlike other aspects of the criminal justice system there is no mechanism for appeal when cautions are unjustly given. There is no way to appeal a caution.

Also if such a decision is questioned, the police always investigate themselves.

As cautions are often administered on the basis of an admission under the stressful situation of an interview, and the decision is not tested in court later, for justice there must be a route for appeal. In the criminal justice system conviction is not possible solely based on confession, supporting evidence is required. This is not the case with simple cautions, as cautions are very often issued solely based on a confession under interview.

We the undersigned petition that simple cautions must be in subject to a legal appeal process.

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Gary Crutchley

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Monday 9 January 2012

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Thursday 10 January 2013

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