Political Levy?-Amend Trade Unions and Labour Relations act 1992?

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Amend the Trade Unions and Labour Relations Act 1992, Sections 82 to 85(allocation of members political levy/funds etc.)
Its NOT 1913 anymore its2013! We the signatories of this e-petition request the current coalition government to debate the above act and amend to allow trade union members to allocate the political levy portion of their trade union subscription to ANY political party they choose to nominate by their own choice in addition to their right to withdraw from contributing any political levy at all. Members subscription rates should be reduced in the later option.
Employment Tribunal representation is a big selling point for trade union membership. Most Home Insurance usually provides the same representation in their policy etc. Why do you want to pay twice?
True democracy is choice, the current act steers the trade union member in only two directions! No real choice if they cannot choose WHICH Political Party they can contribute their 'Political Levy' to?

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There is already an e-petition about this issue.

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Andy Belk

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Sunday 6 October 2013

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