Pollutants control of cars bought, sold and/or manufactured in the UK after 1/1/2014

With the issue of Climate Change growing ever bigger, and the possibility of huge fines from the EU over the atrocious quality of the air which we all must breathe, it is vital that the DfT stringently regulates its sector.

I propose that all cars bought, sold or manufactured in the United Kingdom on/after 1/1/2014 must emit 99g of CO2 per kilometre or less (have a fuel efficiency of 70mpg). This will mean an average 30% reduction in fuel consumption.

In addition to this, pollution levels should also be reduced by 30% or more. As such, any car which cannot meet future Euro 6 air pollutant emissions standards should be banned.

All of the above would remove pressures from the EU over our air pollution targets and would mean minimal effort in meeting the 2020 targets as well. That is not forgetting the health benefits for all of us, but in particular those thousands who may have died of air pollutant related deaths, and those with severe respiratory diseases like asthma.

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