Positive immigration, reform benefits, stop health tourism, fairer deal to British born citizens with non EU spouses

I want the government to introduce compulsory health insurance to visa applications (to stop health tourism), new strict regulations and procedures for marrying non EU nationals. Stop EU nationals claiming child benefit and tax credits in the UK sending it to their spouse and kids in their home country. Passports of all foreigners should be presented for benefit claims as visas don’t allow access to public funds, but current system is not policed. Introduce new true spouse visa allowing British born citizens with non EU spouses from countries with strong intermarriage regulations to go to and fro, work in UK and pay tax while in UK, if they divorce they’re sent home. Stop priority housing for immigrants. Stop British passports for immigrants, have ID cards like other countries renewed annually. Some of us are married to non EU spouses and have children, but current rules stop us being together as family. Scrap the income bar, positive immigration could create more UK jobs .

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Carolyn Logan-Taylor

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Monday 30 July 2012

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Thursday 1 August 2013

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