Pre-Term Birth Awareness - PPROM premature rupture of membranes before 37 weeks of pregnancy

Every day in the UK a Mum & baby’s voice is being ignored.The medical guidance from the Royal College of Obstetrician’s & Gynaecologists on PPROM is being ignored.Every day a PPROM happens in the UK.Interventions are withheld until 24 weeks & termination offered regularly.Other countries extend human rights to babies at 20wks gestation with interventions earlier.We want: All PPROM Mum’s to be allowed to extend their human right to the life of their baby.Parents to be informed about PPROM at their first pregnancy appointment & when they suspect PPROM.& Mum’s human right to continue the pregnancy should not conflict with the abortion law.Indications of PPROM to be treated as an A&E emergency with the guideline treatment applied promptly.More research into pre-birth & PPROM to go in line with other countries & to educate staff and patients on this life changing condition.Staff to adapt a paramount attitude& respect the patient’s decision.Patients symptoms noted correctly &at time of event

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Tuesday 19 November 2013

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Wednesday 19 November 2014

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