Prevent the rape of our Culture, History, Heritage and Environment. Stop the proposed slate extraction at Dolbebin.

Gwynedd Council Planning Application C13/1052/22/MW.
This proposed development is another example of the exploitation of the UK's wonderful Culture, History, Heritage and Environment for the profit and greed of developers.
If allowed to continue this development and many others like it, will rip the heart out of our rural communities and destroy the re-colonization by nature of the scars of our industrial past.
Allowing developments like this re-opens the wounds inflicted on our countryside that were created at a time, when as a nation, we did not know better - times have changed. It is time for the past to remain in the past and to embrace the future by allowing nature the time to heal our industrial wounds and allow the development of environmentally sustainable tourism.

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Andrew Owen-Smith

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Saturday 23 November 2013

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