Prime Minister has to STOPGiving Mony Away.NOW.

Isn't it about Time that the Prime Minister starts to think about the British People of this Country?
He Hands out Billions of Pounds to 3rd World and Other Countries,whereas Here in Britain there are Companies Closing Down making Thousands of People Redundant.
People Loosing their Homes and many Families Breaking Down because there is NO WORK for them and the Benifits are So Low that Peaple are getting into More Debt.
Something has to be done Now not Later.
So Mr Cameron and Mr Osbourne Please do Something about this NOW
Both of you wouldn't know what Poverty even Looked like.
You don't even know or want to know what you are Doing to the British People.
Some have got to the Point of Suicide.

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Yvonne Reeves

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Sunday 10 March 2013

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