Prisoners should reimburse taxpayers with the cost of incarceration

No taxpayer should fund persons who are incarcerated.

Those who receive custodial sentences should reimburse tax payers through reduced benefits when released from incarnation (where they are not working) or through a direct deduction of earning order if subsequently in employment.

The Ministry of Justice budget for 2011/12 is circa £9.2billion. Not only do convicted persons cheat decent, hard working people in the first instance through acts of criminality but they then cheat them again by having their prison stay fully funded by tax payers.

This should not be a ‘free’ service and whilst it is acknowledged that they do lose their liberty, this still leaves tax payers out of pocket and this cost should be reimbursed.

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Michael Taylor

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Monday 15 August 2011

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Thursday 16 August 2012

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