Prosecute the Essex abattoir staff caught on camera for animal cruelty

Secret filming took place at an Essex abattoir run by Cheale Meats in March/April 2011. The filming shown brutal abuse including a man stubbing out cigarettes on a pigs face on 3 occasions and one man landed a punch on a pigs face whilst it was walking by. It shown 3 pigs seriously injured faced to crawl through the building ready for slaughter and some being dragged by their ears whilst also pushing and kicking them. Some pigs were failed to be stunned properly and were left screaming in pain. Many were seen being pushed and prodded with electric rods.
The Food Standard Agency haven't passed on the filming to Defra because it is considered that the evidence would be thrown out of court because the filming was a result of a hidden camera caused by trespass. These men are now free with no punishment brought to them for the cruel abuse they brought to these animals at the most vulnerable time in their lives. These men need to be prosecuted and brought to justice.

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Lorna Warriner

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Saturday 30 July 2011

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Friday 10 February 2012

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