Put the Clocks forward in February

British Summer Time currently starts on the last weekend in March and ends on the last weekend in October. This means that the clocks are put back 2 months before the darkest midwinter day, but they are not put forward again until 3 Months after the darkest midwinter day.

Summertime should start and end the same amount of time before and after midwinter. The clocks should go forward at the end of February instead of at the end of March.

We believe that there will be a huge positive psychological benefit of having an extra hour of light in the evenings during late February and March. This will be enjoyed by school children, workers, and particularly those who suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

This adjustment to bring BST into line with the realities of the solar cycle will be a minor shift in practical terms, and a major shift psychologically, as spring seems to start a month earlier.

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Claire Heron

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Monday 18 February 2013

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