Raise Motorway Speed Limits to 85mph

The 70mph speed limit was imposed in Britain in 1965 when cars were much less safe, driving tests were largely inadequate, motorways had no overhead lights, passengers wore no seatbelts and most of all drivers had very little experience of motorways as none of them existed at that time. Nearly 50 years later you would hope Britain has moved on since then. Please sign this petition to bring some order back to our motorways. Contrary to the same old opposition, Germany can boast fewer accidents on their autobahn which has NO speed limits on it at all whilst safe good drivers are persecuted for doing anything above 70mph which in a developed modern country in the 21st centry is with all due respect backward. Cars are considerably safer since the 1960s and driving experience is significantly more varied and extensive than was the norm almost half a century ago.

Please lets have a sensible debate about this and once and for all move with the times and get our motorways moving.

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Shekar Teelanah

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Sunday 30 December 2012

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Sunday 7 July 2013

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