Raise the National Minimum Wage for Apprenticeships in the Second Year

I am campaigning to raise the National Minimum Wage for Apprenticeships in the second year. I am doing this because the wage is currently not enough to live on - the Government do not understand that not every family has the money to support their child if they happen to become an apprentice. I am campaigning only for the second year to be raised - this is because by the end of the first year you should be trained in your role and there is no reason for you not deserving a wage. I am also doing this because if you have shown the commitment to stay within an establishment for a year, whilst earning £2.65 per hour that you have proven your dedication to your position and you deserve enough money to be able to live.

From personal experience - being an apprentice it is very difficult, more often than not I have to skip meals because I cannot afford to eat!

The Government has offered no support to apprentices, I think it's time to make a stand!

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Faye Abram

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Wednesday 16 October 2013

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Thursday 17 April 2014

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