Raise the smoking age from 16 to 21 in the UK

The amount of underage smokers in this country is disgusting and nothing is being done. A substance as addictive and harmful as tobacco will be used and abused by youth, but by raising the age to 21, the perception of harm and cultural norm is shifted, bringing the dangers to the public eye, and decreasing youth use through easier enforcement) and removing cigarettes from high school and colleges since no one will be of legal age to posses or use tobacco). Here are some reasons why we should raise the legal smoking age:

Delaying the age when young people first begin using tobacco would reduce the risk that they will become addicted tobacco users.

We should do everything we can to prevent smoking and other tobacco use among young people – it saves lives.

Raising the legal sale age for tobacco would help keep tobacco out of schools and reduce the chance that a young adult will be able to legally purchase tobacco products for underage friends.

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Jamie Pennell

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Wednesday 9 April 2014

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Thursday 9 April 2015

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