Raise the state pension in line with the Government Living Wage calculations.

The living wage by 2020 is expected to be £16,328 pa for those outside London.

Single Pensioners get £6,029.40 per annum, Married pensioners £12,038.80.

Benefits can be claimed to a max of £26,000

There clear disparity between them.

There is no reason why people who have contributed all their working lives should get less than those below pensionable age. They have the same costs, basically pensioners are discriminated against by their age, if they were younger they could claim benefits.

My suggestion for the Government is;

A. Cap benefits in line with the Living Wage Calculation (16,328 per annum)
B. Use the savings to increase the State Pension to the same level as the Living Wage calculation (16,328 per annum)

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Iain Groves

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Wednesday 2 December 2015

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Wednesday 1 June 2016

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