Re-interpret the Article 8 human rights of criminals

In considering any Article 8 rights, courts should not interpret that right in respect of the criminal.

By committing a crime, a criminal shows no respect for the private and family life of his/her victim, the state, nor their own private and family life. Thus, a criminal ought to forfeit the right to demand their rights be respected in this regard.

Re, the deportation of criminals: the right to a family life based upon the presence or existence of a partner/pet/job/family members in the UK ought to bear no relevance as the criminal has chosen to jeopardise both their private and family life in committing a crime.

The law must be reinterpreted and if deemed unacceptable by the ECtHR, the UK needs to leave the ECtHR and adopt a new human rights charter protecting the rights of law abiding citizens first and foremost.

The risk of deportation when committing any crime ought to be a reasonable foreseeable possibility in the minds of any foreign nationals visiting any state.

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Sarah Carmichael

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Tuesday 28 May 2013

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