Reciprocation punishment & New laws of the UK

Any Violent Crime should be reciprocated to the person who is convicted of said crime. I.e. Burning an animal alive (People and animals are taken into account)
Any foreign entities that enter our country must be tested for English skills, written and spoken, as well as a nationality test, for their knowledge on our culture and country.
Everyone, home born or foreign must submit to a DNA and fingerprint test, to help fight crime in the future they may commit.
Any survivors of reciprocation punishment will be sentenced to a labour camp, where they will be also subject to almost hypnotic "society reintegration" classes, during the minimum 5 year sentence. NO PAROLE.
Convicts will only get basic life saving medical care, not "restore to former glory" medical care.
Animals and People alike should NOT be abused, by a poor legal system, governed from over our oceans. We should lead the world into a peaceful future, by forcing people to think about their actions.

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Lindsey O'Hare

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Friday 4 April 2014

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Wednesday 8 April 2015

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