Reclassification, Decriminalisation, and Legalisation of Cannabis.

A survey which was conducted by Pew Research Center, found that 52 percent of people nationwide in the UK favour legalising Cannabis, while 42 percent oppose it.
Despite the publics cry for legalisation, Mr Cameron won't even consider decriminalisation, which is far from legalisation. Surely if this was a Democracy, the peoples interests would surely be followed, let alone considered?
CLEAR, a website for the legalisation of Cannabis, tell us:
"Authoritative research from the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit proves that a cannabis tax and regulate regime in Britain would produce a boost to the UK economy of at least £6 billion per annum. That’s based on a cannabis tax of £1 per gram, massive savings in law enforcement costs but allowing for the cost of administering the system and providing additional healthcare and education services. All the evidence and experts agree that a responsibly regulated system would also reduce all health and social harms."

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Saturday 8 June 2013

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