Recognise the Crimean referendum as credible

Lately the U.S president Obama and his allies, including David Cameron of the UK have stated that they will not recognise the results of the Crimean referendum as credible, along with the international community. However being a part of the international community I have to say that I recognise the referendum as credible, as do many of the U.N observers who were present during voting, so I call on all citizens from all over the world to stand and say no, enough is enough, this is 100% credible and clearly what the people themselves want, so I ask that we pressure our governments to stop with the lies, stop denying blatant truth and using double standards, and we demand that they recognise the referendum as credible before they drive this crisis more out of control than it already is. Please sign as no one wants war because of this western caused mess, it's time we ask Cameron, or your relevant mp, to back out and admit that it's wrong! Thank you.

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Philip bowler

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Sunday 16 March 2014

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Tuesday 17 June 2014

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