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I am a Master degree graduate completed on March 2012 in Birmingham City University. I have invested all my properties and money to complete my Master's degree and i have an education loan amount of 10,000 Pounds. I hope i can re pay my loan money in the time span of 2 years PSW. But unfortunately i was unable to get the Visa, due to some health illness. But my actual situation is i have completed the course before the ban of PSW visa and when i joined the course PSW was not banned. Still i cant apply for PSW bcoz of the changes in Immigration rules. This is not fair, I am speaking on behalf of all the students who completed their master before April 5th 2012 and unable to get PSW visa. Please consider our request and allow you to come back.

Because we have spent huge amount to get masters degree in UK which is meaning less if cant able to repay our loan. Companies dont need to sponsor us, atleast give us a chance to survive.

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Purushothaman Govindaraj

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Wednesday 6 February 2013

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