Reconvene England's Parliament

Following the founding of the Welsh Assembly, and the reconvening of the Scottish parliament, the English people must be allowed to express their political will once more, free from interference that non-English MPs currently demonstrate when voting on England only matters in Westminster.

Devolution has presented constitutional imbalances. More legislative powers flow to devolved administrations, and the function of non-English MPs has waned.

England is a nation. The process of arbitrarily carving regions and ignoring historic counties betrays her identity. Unlike the regional assemblies proposed and rejected in 2004, this petition calls for a referendum on one unified English parliament. This parliament must have powers equal to that of its Scottish counterpart.

Devolution is here to stay. The time has come to stop smothering England under a British Identity. Give England a referendum on a single unified devolved English Parliament and allow it to be a nation once again.

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Alexander Johnson

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Thursday 27 February 2014

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