Reduce retirement age to 58 & replace retirees with current job seekers

Retirement age is being raised. This is unfair to those having worked their life thinking they retire at 60/65. Their minds and bodies are weary.
There are replacements waiting - many young adults collecting job seekers allowance want to work for their future. Many others are idle and want benefits to support a lazy lifestyle, an attitude seeping into future generations. There needs to remain a constant stream of youth into the workforce with the older ones retiring.
I want the government to lower the retirement age to 58 and replace retirees with those claiming job seekers benefits. It needs to be on an apprenticeship like basis so a transfer of skills occurs. The younger employee learns the olders skills but brings in more modern skills too.
The apprentice receives the job seekers payment whilst on the skill transfer only.

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Anna Winnett

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Tuesday 13 September 2011

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Thursday 13 September 2012

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