Reduce School Holiday Time

Out of a potential 260 midweek days in any given year, school children are typically only at school for 190. This means that the schools provide no education for 14 out of 52 weeks which represents a massive 27% of the total year.

These holidays put a tremendous pressure on working families to juggle commitments and make use of expensive chidcare. Moreover, the level of holidays taken by teachers is obscene and a slap in the face of other hard working people in both the public and private sector alike.

I would like the UK government to investigate reducing the number of school holidays by 5 weeks, this would relieve some of the pressure on working families, bring teachers benefits more in line with their peers and most importantly, give children, over the course of their childhoods, an additional year and a half of structured education which can only be of benefit to them and the country as a whole.

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Chris Short

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Tuesday 11 October 2011

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