Reduce the State Pension age not raise it. To allow young people to find work

Reducing the State Pension age not raising it, would kick start the UK economy, just as it did after the second World War. All of us who were born in the years after the second World War and found jobs, as I did in the 1960's were in the majority of times, replacing those people who had retired. We were trained in turn by individuals who had previously been trained by the last "retiree". The Retiree had paid National Insurance Contributions to pay for and qualify for their own State Pension. The new young Worker begins immediately to pay National Insurance to gain their own State Pension, albeit a long way off in their future. This is the natural order of things. Advisors to all parties are obviously the same and we should breakaway from these. An All Party Commission should be formed to produce a Report to reverse the current legislation.

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Merle A Taylor

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Tuesday 7 February 2012

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