Reduce the welfare benefit cap, per household, to GBP10,000.00p per calendar year.

EVERY DAY we read about spongers who are receiving welfare payments because they produce hundreds of children because they expect taxpayers to pay to bring them up. You know who all the standard rate taxpayers are in this country, we should be given a referendum to tell you whether we are prepared to fund these people to more than ten thousand pounds, or not. WE HAVE A HUMAN RIGHT OF EQUAL TREATMENT AND IF WELFARE BENEFIT SEEKERS ARE TO BE GIVEN £26,000.00 OUT OF OUR TAXES THEN THE LOWEST HOUSEHOLD INCOME IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD BE £26,000.00. If this is not to be the case then the maximum household welfare take in any given period of 12 months should be no more than TEN THOUSAND POUNDS.

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keith jones

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Monday 2 December 2013

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Tuesday 2 December 2014

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