Reform of Job-Seekers allowance

Job Seekers’ is quickly becoming a very much abused benefit. Some people sign onto the Job Seekers’ without any intention of following up any job offers so that they have an easy means of getting money from the government, which is a good few pints down the pub, or a few bets at the local bookies. This would also decrease unemployment, as the incentive to be jobless would decrease.

So my proposed change would be either a limit to how long you can claim Job Seekers’, or perhaps the longer it is claimed for the lower the payment is. After all it is not supposed to be there as a means to live off, it is supposed to be there to tie you over until you can find work and be able to pay for resources for getting a job.

This would save tax payers and the government a lot of money to be used elsewhere, for example on the ever pressured health care system, which is forced to shut down valuable resources such as A&E departments and baby units, or to save front line jobs in the police.

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David Cockcroft

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Thursday 17 November 2011

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Friday 18 May 2012

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