Reform of non lethal drugs, enabling a robust and legitimate taxation scheme. Whilst reducing policing costs allowing for a redirection of spending.

I would like to see a reformation concerning a number of non lethal drugs that are currently classed as illegal for example cocaine and marijuana.

This opens many opportunities for legal taxation, legitimate production facilities and a reduction in the amount of spending and time associated with the policing of these.

I fully understand that the the British Government would never want to be seen endorsing or promoting the taking of drugs and quite frankly neither do I. However, there is a real opportunity for huge savings coupled with the prospect of increasing revenue via taxation.

Obviously the details of what drugs would be legal needs to be reviewed, for instance hard drugs such as heroin and those that have serious health implications should never be sanctioned.

It is almost hypocritical to allow alcohol to be taxed with the full knowledge it has more recorded illnesses and deaths per year than some class A and B drugs.

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Tony Thompson

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Thursday 30 May 2013

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