Reform of the Judiciary

The Human Rights Act applies in all EU countries and yet they do not seem to have the same problems meting out justice as we do. They are able to punish criminals, extradite foreign criminals and terrorists and put the protection of their citizens first. The primary problem in the UK is the interpretation of the Act by our unelected judges. Too often they undermine the will of Parliament, which is somewhat elected, often by declaring statute law illegal. They undermine the Police by tying their hands and imposing lenient sentences too often to prolific or violent offenders. They often ignore the safety and security of the general public in order to protect the violent and criminal minority, often to satisfy their own political bias. Common Law/Judge made Law is far too prevalent. If they want the power, then they must be made accountable to the public.

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Bernadette Giffen

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Monday 15 August 2011

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