Reform the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and repeal Breed Specific Legislation.

In light of DEFRA deeming, to EFRA's Inquiry, that the Dangerous Dogs Act (Breed Specific Legislation) is working, by focusing on dogs’ looks; people & dogs are being put at risk. Since the Act, bites have risen & many pets destroyed. We ask the Act be reformed to end the unscientific Breed focus.

Since the introduction of the act average fatalities per year have doubled.
Mostly fatalities have involved owner abuse or neglect of the dog.
92% of dogs seized by the met status dogs unit were not involved in any incident; seizing of dogs based on appearance cost £3million per year.
Focus must be on owner education and responsibility for the actions of their dog, regardless of breed.

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Shaila Bux

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Thursday 12 July 2018

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Saturday 12 January 2019

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