Refund Road Fund License for 4x4 Vehicles

Make a provision for 4x4 Vehicle Owners to obtain a refund against their Road Fund License where they have Volunteered their time, Vehicle and resources during the recent weather crisis

Over the last week, most of the UK has been battered by winter storms which have left thousands of people stranded, and thousands of essential workers unable to do their jobs.

Ordinary people. Care workers, School teachers, NHS staff, shop workers, delivery drivers...Thousands of people.

Into this mess have stepped hundreds if not thousands of 4x4 drivers who have freely given their time to venture out in the worst of the weather to rescue those stranded.

This army of 4x4 drivers has kept so much of this country moving in the last week, do you think it out of place for a very public “Thank You” from the government?

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Andrew Dobinson

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Saturday 10 March 2018

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Sunday 9 September 2018

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