Regulate rip off student accommodation companies and their extortionate prices

Call on rip off student housing companies who charge extortionate rates, tie you into a contract which is too long for the academic year and who continue to rise their prices! Student loans do not get any bigger, tuition fees do not get any lower. Student housing companies need to be regulated.

An average room in a 5 bed student house in Birmingham costs £110 a week per person per week, totalling £2200 per month. However, the same house would cost £1300 per calendar month for a professional. Students are the ones who need reasonable prices as their loans have other living costs to cover and it is impossible without help from parents. Other halls of residences charge even higher prices, with around £130 per week being the cost for a single bedroom and this is still rising!

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Samantha Butler

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Friday 27 May 2016

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Sunday 27 November 2016

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