Reintroduce Capital Punishment for Extreme Offences

Reintroducing capital punishment for extreme offences, as in murder, terrorism, anyone who is a danger to others and therefore can not be released, anyone who has been sentenced to 'life' and wouldn't be getting released.
*It will ease up on the overcrowding of our prisons, meaning we can give sterner sentences to those who deserve them.
*It will free up more of the countries finances, to be able to give more funding to and support our armed forces, emergency services and NHS, schools, helping the poor/homeless and elderly.
*It would deter people from committing these crimes in the first place.
I feel that if a person wishes to act like an animal, they should be treated like one. I think that once they commit such a crime, they give up all of their human rights.

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Lizzy Carter

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Tuesday 3 December 2013

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