Reintroduction of the death penalty for high crimes.

Through out the history of our nation, it has used death as the punishment for many high crimes such as; Treason. Murder and high profiled robbery. During these times, when death was the punishment the crime rate was low due to the fear of death.

So why should they not bring back the death penalty, for the disgusting crimes committed in this day and age. Crimes like; Murder, Treason, Pedophilia and Rape.

This could reduce the rate of the crimes listed above. So in affect it could increase the safety of your children. However if they are proven mentally unstable and commit rape or pedophilia maybe the crime should not be as harsh as death.

I am doing this petition to get a view on how many people share the same views on the death penalty.

This e-petition has been rejected with the following reason given:

There is already an e-petition about this issue.

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Jake Maxwell

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Wednesday 4 December 2013

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