Remove Clauses 33 and 34 from Immigration Bill

Clauses 33 & 34 in the proposed immigration bill institute charges for GP and A&E services for lawful immigrants to the UK. We call for the removal of Clauses 33 & 34 because they:

are INTRUSIVE: forcing doctors to become surrogate border control officers, having to verify every patient’s immigration status (including citizens of the UK) to determine who is ‘eligible’ for treatment

will lead to the SPREAD OF HIV: Around 60% of HIV diagnoses are made during A&E or routine GP visits. Placing financial barriers to GP and A&E access will reduce the number of diagnoses made. Individuals who know their HIV status are far less likely to spread the virus. Reducing the number of diagnoses will increase the HIV rate throughout the general population: HIV doesn’t care who is a citizen, and who is ‘only’ a legal resident

will NOT save money: the cost of implementation, combined with the increased treatment costs for infectious diseases (HIV, TB) will negate any cost-savings/revenue

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Christopher Adams

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Thursday 3 April 2014

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Thursday 9 April 2015

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