Remove First Class seating from trains

When many trains, particularly during peak periods, are much shorter than they should be leading to overcrowding, it seems bizarre that a large part of many trains contain first class accommodation which largely remains unused, and other fare paying passengers are forced to stand.

The goverment should force train companies to declassify, or severely reduce, first class accommodation on at least all peak hour services to enable as many people as possible to have a comfortable journey.

In the 21st century it seems bizarre that such financial discrimination should still exist between those with money and those who are struggling to get by, paying thousands of pounds a year just for the privilege of travelling to work, and that "being rich" allows you to buy a seat.

Having a first class ticket does not guarantee you a seat anyway, if the accommodation is already full of first class ticket holders.

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Andrew Down

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Wednesday 5 June 2013

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Thursday 5 June 2014

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