Remove inequality of education (including closure of private schools)

The government should ensure an equal level of education for all, beginning with the closure of private schools.

Whilst the conscious motives of the recent rioters may have been greed and thuggery, the underlying root cause is that they lack appropriate moral and academic education.
Our society allows the privileged to separate their children from those of the less-privileged, either through private education or the accumulation of good schools in expensive areas. The children of the privileged group together, attracting the better teachers and facilitating better learning. In contrast, the children of the less-privileged are necessarily dealt with in a 'crowd control' educational environment. Over generations this process has resulted in two tiers of society, differentiated by their morality, academic ability and economic opportunity.
It is the government’s responsibility to stop this cycle by ensuring all schools enrol students from an equal mix of socio-economic backgrounds.

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Chris Parker

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Tuesday 16 August 2011

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