Renaming School Years

One big question young school children ask is "What is the point of school?" I would like to suggest that instead of the nondescript Year 1 all the way to year 11 there should be titles to indicate what stage the student is at.
So for example Year 5-6 (primary school) could be 'Ignorance Eradication' because this is the stage we learn about the world map and other such information that someone should know to function in any social situation. Year 7-9 could be 'Subject Sampling' because this is where students should be exploring what subjects they enjoy at what subjects they want to pursue in GCSE.

If students are made clear why they are at school at different points in time, they will embrace it more and understand the point of it all.

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Oliver Kay

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Saturday 18 February 2012

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Wednesday 20 February 2013

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