Renewable Energy - Hydroelectric Base Load

HM Govt. should Promote, Encourage and Plan implementation of a Hydroelectric Base Load
as a clean power source for the nation's future.

As an island nation with over 30 000 km of coastline, countless rivers, streams, weirs, reservoir dams and miscellaneous waterways. I feel that with the nearly the entire energy infrastructure up for renewal in the next 50 years the Government, Media and Electricity Companies are ignoring hydro-electric power. The focus seems to be on gas (shale and north sea), nuclear and wind.

People put renewables in the corner as wind and solar power are unreliable and unpredictable. But the tides are predictable and are staggered all day around the nation. People shy away from tidal barrages but solutions akin to underwater wind turbines are available and effective. River flow is also predictable and on the back of an envelope you could generate 0.8 MW from Coniston Water to the sea alone.

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Created By

James Wilshaw

Created On

Saturday 5 April 2014